We Know What You Want

Yes, you want all the things the Main Stream Media does not let you have.  When you boil it all down you want freedom.    

This includes - Answers - Entertainment - Heart-warming Stories - News you can trust - Facts, with the evidence - Laughter - and.......(This is the big one)   

TO BE HEARD. You will get all of it here, on HI! TV, which ia now on a trajectory to become the friendliest, most responsive, place on Earth.   Right now we are working on shows and building out the Team.  Television means people working together to bring you content you did not know was possible.  

So, let's start with an explanation of how television works now and how we are going to change to a new standard.   

You will see shows which dig into real life and show you how different our future can be.    

Networks include Quail TV, on getting healthy, younger, beautiful and considering the possibility of vastly longer life.  

ArtisTVision takes you into all of the myriad arts of living, home, fine, visual, sound, and light.     

Prosperity TV is your path to all the ways people prosper, work, survive, adventure and design new worlds. 

JuryVoter TV puts you in the jury box, on the bench, and more.  You decide, you pass judgment.   

Missing Children's Detective Network takes on the shocking, heart-rending wrongs in all parts of our world.

Politics TV will probably surprise you.  Expect to be delighted and amused.  

Star Journeys TV takes you into the futures - and back to the hidden pasts.  

Each of our Networks uses our 360 Degrees of communication via PhoneVoter and more, we are how working like  maniacs to open up your lines of communication to the powers who want to continue, along with those you really want.  

You can comment on and grade each candidate separately, see the ongoing polling, share comments and videos from Social Media sites, donate, buy products, visit the Forum, compare notes with others.  You can also make suggestions and if our Online Mentors like your idea it, and your voice, if you like, will be heard during the show.  There is more and we know you are going to become accustomed to a new standard for interaction.  For more visit Politics and get ready for the action to begin with a Tee-shirt.   

Here, you can make yourself heard, compare notes with others, and impact what is happening on the shows - which include the issues which really matter to you.  We are putting it all in once place, where all of us meet, dialog and decide for ourselves where the future should take us.  Excitement, delight, shock, tears of happiness and, yes, hope.  We have it all for you.

PhoneVoterJuryVoter and More
  The technology which allows you to communicate with our shows, hosts, guests, and with the world at large was originally designed in the 90s.  Over the years it has been extended and improved.  These programs will come online when we go live.   

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