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Some things are just too important to joke about, though sometimes we slip just a little.    

Quail is our portal to health, Immortality and Longevity.   

These will be shows which delve into the beauties of the soul and spirit but the core of the network provides the tangible steps for reclaiming your health and youth.  We will take you into the past and be there as images beckon us into the future through the blending of light and energy.   

Together we will explore how people around the world are ridding themselves of the toxic presence of heavy metals, reversing diseases, and finding new vitality.  All of these are essential to reclaiming health and beauty, which then can can stay with you throughout your life.      
Starting with the simple and seemingly obvious human need for good nutrition and appropriate exercise we show you paths for renewing the energy, zest, and wellness of youth.   

Healthcare is a frightening world today but with Quail, our Mutual Insurance Plan, which will become active once we have 10,000 signed up. health becomes an adventure leading to longer life and deeper satisfaction with yourself and those around you.     Sign up for Updates at our Contact Page.  And plan to start feeling better soon!