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Our Mission at Hi TV: All opinions and actionaries welcome!  

Our Mission

The minority of each person is important. America is a nation intended to be governed by the People through their elected and appointed servants, and a free marketplace of ideas. Any system can become skewed and fail to work as intended, so have our appointees, generally referred to, erroneously, as government. This, necessarily has produced multiple problems. 

Bureaucrats are, by their natures, inclined to build an emotional belief they are public administrators in charge and from there decide they, not we, the People, should know what cautious actions are being taken, and be served to us as fossils in a modern world. As they have morphed from servants into masters, embracing the convoluted notion they, not the people are sovereign; one-way TV has mirrored this elitist attitude. 

Talk radio has shown since 1949, and the Internet since the 1980s, how interactive audience feedback can be valuable to new half-baked ideas getting fully cooked into solutions. Television is long overdue for an overhaul in who offers the points of view, plural. This is what our type of PhoneVoter TV & Digital Networks will achieve. 

Just as government agencies are open to corruption, operating with little or no real oversight; media that is supposed to guard the guardians, is overwhelmingly populated by two types of political party hacks that only see political solutions to problems they have framed for us to consider along with their nominees. We will provide the opportunity to dual PhoneVotes on both moral issues and separately see if legal force or military action is justified for the goal. This un-confuses participants, when politics is not being force fed to viewers.  

Incentives to change behavior with voluntary volitional science, will be considered as well as the taxes for social science’s forces will be argued. How? Using our PhoneVoter computer server technologies first developed in 1992 and seen on screen of the original PhoneVoter TV Network. All opinions welcome takes us all in more interesting directions. Encouraging expanded communication TO mass audience television between all of us as individuals, businesses, causes, and non-governmental organizations, and those working for us in public positions, keeping all our eyes on governmentality.  

Without you in a multi-way discourse, Americans have rejected one-way presentations to where our major news & issue TV networks only have audiences of of 300,000 to 1-million in a land of 320,000,000. Shows that imitated our Phonevoter TV Network, offered audiences the opportunity to PhoneVote for which teenager sings or dances the best. They have received 94-million phonevotes on Thursday Summer afternoons, and routinely pull 29-million phonevotes every week for years. That’s more people than vote for president of the USA. 

Newspapers have shrunk to thin shadows of their former selves. Why? The equivalent to the Internet would be a smorgasbord of over 517 subscriber-selected newsprint magazines, each for a niche interest groups that certain people want to follow ads, opinions, and subscriptions, likes and dislikes – only the interest groups are in the millions needing an editor to find the greatest hits. We all need the opportunity to be counted in what is important to each of us. Themes of your interests require some editorial functions in cross-platform technology where you too can become a producer, director, cameraperson from anywhere. 

The door will be open to you through your smartphone, our mobile uplinks to satellites, and stationary studios and auditoriums. You will see how effective you are with PhoneVoter tallies, PhoneBuyer purchases, or PledgeVoter donations.  

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