ArtisTVision Network
Living Arts, Fine Arts, Being Art, all are included 
   We live in a world which .blends images, ideas, esthetics, and our consciousness.  In his book, Art & Physics - Parallel Visions in Space, Time & Light,  Dr. Leonard Shlain proposed that the visionary artist is the first member of a culture to see the world in a new way. The insight, expressed through art then is shortly after followed by a new thought by a physicist, who sees a new way to think about the world. 


  The programming for our network begins with this broad, overarching exploration of art in all its forms, a framework for human action. In this way, we will promote the growth of core media functions, allowing interactive communications changing the present passive model. Originally called the 'PhoneVoter Technology” this has expanded to open the door for much more. Viewers will no longer be passive. This, itself, is a giant step on the road to freedom and change. Participation will be fluid, directed by those using it, and responsive.  

  Using these edge tools we will build understanding of the power freedom gives individuals through choice.

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All of Life is Art

Our Shows
 We now know visual art, expressed in cave drawings of superlative beauty, were the gift of journeys through the mind to worlds beyond human viewing. Art has molded the human experience. And more waits to be discovered. Today we see the outlines of an explosion in human creativity and innovation in forms and through technologies which extend art beyond what anyone believed possible.  
  The icons which draw us to purchase goods and services and experience the world around us in every imaginable way are all based on visuals, each of which is a form of art. Art can challenge our consciousness, heal our fears, entice us to greater understanding of the world, others, and ourselves. 
   Iconic Art in media connects people around the world as an avenue to explore every expression of our beings. These are the art, thoughts, cultures and the future humanity will share. As advocates for freedom this is why we have chosen Art as our entry point for a media network including programming through which the potentials for freedom can be expressed and applied.